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Mitchell Rd Fish and Shrimp and U Haul

Mitchell RD Fish and Shrimp is family owned and operated. Hank and Renee Mitchell are the owners. Our store has been open since 2006. We are a little off the road but, worth the drive half a mile down Mitchell RD on the left, in Lumberton, TX. We make a lot of the items we sale our selves. Prices vary at times on special items. K-bobs are already made and ready to go on the grill or in oven. We also have stuffed chicken breast, stuffed pork chops, stuffed jalapenos and twice baked potatoes. We can hand cut you a Rib Eye Steak as thick or as thin as you would like. We also have sausage, slim jims and bacon.

We have shrimp and catfish fillets. Lots of different types of seasonings and spices. We sale live crawfish and cook by order of ten pounds or more. Deer processing here is done one deer at a time and you get all of your meat back. We truly customize your order how ever you would like it made. During the summer you can drop by to do a little fee fishing. Pond is stocked. Bait and tackle available to purchase also.

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